Big school of Jackfish

⇐ School of JacksCircling Jackfish ⇒

ISO: 320

Shutter: 1/125

Aperture: f/8.0

Size: 2160x1440

Date: 04/10/2011

By: J├╝rgen Donauer

Camera: Canon EOS 7D

License: CC BY-SA, Shutterstock


This school of Jackfish is only in about 5 metres of depths. The shot was taken in Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia close to the well known wreck of the Liberty. The school did blot out the sun.

Moving calm and without rapid movement I was able to swim inside the school and was completely surrounded by fish - will never forget this moment.

Tags: diving, underwater, ocean, sea, fish, bali, indonesia, jackfish, school

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