Oceanic Whitetip Shark (Carcharhinus longimanus)

⇐ Gentle Giant: Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus)Big beauty: Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus) ⇒

ISO: 250

Shutter: 1/160

Aperture: f/8.0

Size: 5184x3456

Date: 06/08/2012

By: J├╝rgen Donauer

Camera: Canon EOS 7D

License: CC BY-SA, Shutterstock


This fellow was about 2,5 metres long. Oceanic Whitetip Sharks are recognizable because of their really long fins. They are very curious and come very close towards divers. The heartrate goes up - they are predators after all.

Tags: nature, ocean, fish, shark, marine life, wildlife, oceanic whitetip shark

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